Meet Mirrorball Man

Hello, please allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mirrorball Man and I’m here to ensure that you have a good party.
It’s my belief that a responsible attitude towards partying can make for a much more enjoyable time. I will arrive in your life in various ways, print, poster, TV, web and in person. I’m travelling the globe right now helping people to party responsibly. When you see me in person come up and say hello.

I love it when you and your friends are having a good time, but I equally hate it when someone spoils the party for everyone else, and I’m not afraid to say so. Drink drivers drive me crazy and I may have some very choice words for them.
At the same time I like to high five responsible revellers, and I like to give playful, sometimes even surreal advice to my partying pals. Wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t having a little fun too.

You see I believe that you don’t need a bar a nightclub or even a drink to have a great party, parties start in your head and in your heart. All you need is a little imagination and a sense for adventure.

Click on the links above and see some of my messages or better still, go and start your own party, right now! You’re on the web right now, there’s millions of good people to party with.

Just remember however you start a party, please enjoy it responsibly.